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Sameer is a filmmaker and graduate of the London Film School.  His films have been selected for festivals such as Palm Springs and Aesthetica and have bought and distributed by Sony / AMC and the Sundance Channel as well as winning funding from Film London. He has worked across the board from documentary to fashion and music videos.  Before starting a career in filmmaking Sameer went through a Kundalini Awakening in 2006 where he experienced and began on a path of non-duality.  These are the first projects where he has combined his awakening experiences with his filmmaking.

Katie is an Author, Campaign Founder and Publisher with a specialist interest in mental health and spirituality.
She was one of the Founding Directors of the International Spiritual Emergence Network. Her personal awakening story is featured in the publication by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Spirituality and Narrative in Psychiatric Practice: Stories of Mind and Soul, 2016, and in her own book; Mend the Gap, 2014.
In 2017 Katie founded the International anti- stigma campaign to re- frame mental distress as a difficult transformation process; #Emerging Proud
Her most recent project is the publication of a series of ‘Pocket Books of Hope’ through her not-for-profit publishing company, Emerging Proud Press.
Katie was also an inaugural member of the CCE Caravan of Unity Executive Team.


Julian Baller is a scholar, cultural activist, writer, and change facilitator. He is the managing director and community holder of Co-Creating Europe, an international network of social change agents with a grounding in contemporary spirituality.
In 2020 he is taking the lead in Co-Creating the Caravan of Unity. A European contribution to what may grow one of the largest collective actions for peace in human history together with a wonderful team as part of an initiative of Unity Earth.