A call to awakening

A series of films for our time.
From crisis to awakening,
and finding our call to action,
to creating and holding a vision for the future.

“Drink up this visual journey laden with wisdom from the ages to fully live your best life right now. It is a mistake to think that a spiritual awakening is the goal. In fact, it is just the beginning. And what a stupendous journey awaits, especially upon planet

Earth at this time."


Dr. Nicole Gruel
Author, Speaker, Wellbeing Coach


A series of films, inspired by and made during the COVID-19 pandemic, about our times and how to navigate a changing world.

These short films are about our individual and collective awakening and how we can use crisis to awaken and find our calling in order to make the world a better place. They are made from the interviews of those who themselves have experienced transformation, and now work in fields from psychology to human rights and spiritual healing.  The first short film ‘THE AWAKENING’ is about how we can individually use this current crisis to awaken and transform. The second short film ‘THE CALL’ is about how we can take that inner work and start to do the work outside, finding our purpose and working collectively together.

The last part of this series 'THE VISION' will be about ideas for a new society, and how we can create and sustain a more hopeful vision for the future.


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