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A call to awakening

A series of films for our time.
From crisis to awakening,
and finding our call to action,
to creating and holding a vision for the future.

“These two short videos could not come at a more appropriate time.  They allow us to step back and bring some meaning and perspective to the global turbulence and seeming chaos we are currently experiencing.  Combining stunning imagery with a wealth of insightful perspectives the filmmakers take us on journey to help us understand that this crisis of our collective, much like a personal crisis, can pave the way for a much needed transformation."

Phil Borges
Photographer and Filmmaker. Director of 'Crazywise'
The Awakening
The Call


'A Call to Awakening' is series of films, inspired by these times about how to navigate a changing world.

The films are not an endpoint in themselves, but coupled with podcast, live events and other media, they act as an entry point into an ongoing conversation about who we are, where we are going and what we can potentially become.



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The first two short films are about our individual and collective awakening and how we can use crisis to awaken and find our calling in order to make the world a better place. They are made from the interviews of those who themselves have experienced transformation, and now work in fields from psychology to human rights and spiritual healing.  The first short film ‘THE AWAKENING’ is about how we can individually use this current crisis to awaken and transform. The second short film ‘THE CALL’ is about how we can take that inner work and start to do the work outside, finding our purpose and working collectively together.

The next part of this series 'THE VISION' will cover topics such as human evolution, more equitable systems for a new society, and how we can create and sustain a hopeful vision for the future.


These films will always be free to watch, and we would like to carry on with this model. It does take time to make content such as this, so we have created a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to contribute towards the making of the next series of films.


If you would like to contribute please follow this link.

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